During October Lucy was cast and shot a short film about the friendship between homeless people called “Homefree”.

Written by Laura Sophie Helbig and directed by Sebastian Bruckmann, Homefree follows a newly homeless young man (Michel Diercks) as he is taken under the wing of Alice (Lucy Wilkins), woman who has been homeless for a while and who helps him adjust.

An international cast and crew worked long days in all weather, improvising plastic bags in shoes to keep their feet dry, to bring to life this story of friendship, acceptance and family. Part of Sophie’s bachelor project the films post-production is due to finish mid-January with festival submissions to follow.

Photos curtesy of Felix Timmer Photography ©.

Novemeber 2017

Casting News

Lucy has been cast in the role of Emily Harrison in the online series by Castle Productions, Destiny.

Destiny tells the story of Jack, once a well respected Ghost operative, who now finds himself alone fighting for justice and freedom and hunting down feared terrorist Dimitri.

Series 2 starts filming next year but series 1 is available on YouTube now


October 2017

Casting News

Lucy has been cast in the role of Katherine in a new feature film of Robin Hood, filming with Runestone Pictures and directed by Diana Brooks, Robin Hood is scheduled for release in 2018.

Like the Facebook page for future news on the production!

September 2017

Installation pieces

Two installation pieces created by David Priestman and featuring Lucy have become available online. The first called ON is a 1 minute film about “the point of inter-action and anticipation”, the second is “the relationship of the internal and the externalised experience, and how an environment influences our interpretation when external influences are denied, our subconscious and memory permeates into a realm of the abstract..” and is called Someone I once met.

Visit David’s website to see more of his work

August 2017

The Chestnut Effect

The first images of The Chestnut Effect are now available.


The Chestnut Effect is a film about unintended consequences from a simple mistake first thing in the morning. Produced by Them Pesky Kids, Lucy plays Freya an increasing distraught woman whos partner, Ricky played by Ryan Harvey, just not understand why she is getting so upset.

May 2017

Lucid Dreams

A short avant garde film created earlier this year by Eeshar S Seehra and staring Lucy Wilkins is now available on YouTube. This short experimental film looks at possibilities and how the choices we make affect our lives in unimaginable ways.

May 2017

The link is live!

For those who would like to see The Ditch it is now available, in full, for free on Vimeo! Having finished its festival circuit the producers have decided to share it with everyone who wasn’t able to catch it. So if you have 7 mins 26 sec  simply follow the link and have a look and if you’re so inclined please click like at the end.

Nina - The DitchOfficial selections, 2016:
London Short Film Festival
Aesthetica Short Film Festival
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival
Sunderland Shorts

Directed by Sheena Holliday
Starring Katie Pattinson as Donna and Lucy Wilkins as Nina.
Written by Sheena Holliday and Stephen Coltrane
Produced by Stephen Coltrane and Henry Coleman
A co-production by On the Train Productions and Crestfallen Productions


November 2016


Two films, two festivals, two weekends!

Over the last couple of weeks two films featuring Lucy have been selected for two different film festivals.

Kelly - Roseberry Road

The first to be screened is “Roseberry Road”. A short film written and directed by Sheena Holliday in which Lucy stars alongside Richard Crehan. The pair play a couple out on a road trip which isn’t all it seems. The festival screening “Roseberry Road” is the Misty Moon Film Society, their event is on 29th October and details are available here:


Nina - The Ditch

The second film is another screening (4th!)  for “The Ditch”. Again written and directed by Sheena Holliday Lucy stars opposite Katie Pattinson in this short thriller. It is being shown at the Yorkshire Museum in York on 5th November as part of the ASFF (Asthetica Short film Festival), details can be found here :


For the trailer and other behind the scenes footage you can visit “The Ditch” website




October 2016


Vampyre – UPDATE

First cast photos have been released by Jorvik Media Production for their upcoming TV pilot Vampyre.

Photos ©Aaron Cameron

For up to the minute news on the production like the Facebook page for Vampyre

For Jorvik Media Productions

May 2016

After Much Deliberation – UPDATE

Footage now available! Click here to see what decision a group of hikers made when they discovered an injured man in a ditch and then watch the resulting bloopers from the shoot!

Matthew: Felix O’Leary

Helen: Lucy Wilkins

Steve: Gary Green

Directed by Emma Hall

April 2016

Casting News

The initial cast of a new TV pilot has been announced by Jorvik Media Productions:

Eva – Lucy Wilkins
Thana – Krisha Mary Fox
Marc – Geraden Borthwick
Dario – Richard Carlin
Nik – Gareth Brook
Peter – William Marshall
Alice – Vicki Glover
Michael – Duncan Fryer
Stephen – Phil Castle

Vampyre is a new TV Drama set in the historic city of York written by Diana Brooks and Benjamin Harman and directed by Diana Brooks.

Like the Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest developments:


 March 2016

After Much Deliberation

Filming recently wrapped on Lucy’s most recent role Helen in After Much Deliberation. A short film revolving around a group of hikers who discover an injured man trapped in a ditch in the woods, the moral dilemma of what to do once they discover his identity threatens to split the group. Shooting on location at Meanwood Park in Leeds the cast and crew faced wind, rain and icy temperatures but they persevered and filming finished on schedule with enough time for one last piece of cake at the Meanwood Park Café!

After Much Deliberation also features Gary Green and Felix O’Leary.

After Much Deliberation

February 2016

The Ditch Premiere

The London Short Film festival saw the world premiere of “The Ditch”. The screening was a near sell out with cast, crew and supporters of the film turning out with other short film producers to celebrate their achievements and the diversity of talent on show.

The Ditch LSFF screeningMore images available:

January 2016

New headshots!

Now for the complete set, photos by Claire Grogan.

October 2015

London Short Film Festival selection

The Ditch directed by Sheena Holliday and featuring Katie Pattinson and Lucy Wilkins has been selected for the London Short Film Festival. Times and dates are to be confirmed but all new will be available via the films offical website

December 2015

TV debut for “A LocalDesperado”

For those of you in the Estuary TV region be sure to tune in on 4th August 2015 @ 8pm to see “A Local Desperado” debut!

Estuary TV ALD appearance

July 2015

Woodcut Review

Running at the Lantern Theatre from 29th January 2014 to 1st Februrary 2014, this is what one local reviewer thought:

Helen - Woodcut

January 2014


One Shot Movie Nominations 2013

The one shot movie nominations are out and both Liam Rooke and Lucy Wilkins have been recognised for their performance in “Northern Lights”.


October 2013












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