A Local Desperado

Rebecca - A Local Desperado
Rebecca – A Local Desperado

A Local Desperado- The production

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This film tells the story of Charles Dunk. A man trying to keep his family together as he goes on the run following a burglary that has gone horribly wrong.

Written by Lucy Wilkins this film was inspired by true events discovered in her family history by Monica Galvin.  On hearing the story from her Gran Lucy began putting pen to paper.

“When my Granny told me the story and I read the newspaper article I thought this practically writes itself. It didn’t quite turn out like that but the basics were there and I just had to use a little creative licence to fill in the gaps” Lucy Wilkins

Several drafts later Northern Lights Film Emporium came on board and the pre-production started in earnest.  http://www.nlfe.co.uk/

Internal locations where luckily found all under one roof but external shots took the production to the four corners of Yorkshire. The film was shot in approximately 9 locations mainly in Hull and Barnsley, in full Victorian costume, over 6 days. There were some very cold locations, some very solid gravestones, some minor setbacks, some brilliant costumes and some very tired yet happy people.

Filming took place over a week before Easter 2012 but the weather would have you believe it was longer. They had all four seasons in the space of a week with extras thrown in for good measure. Thankfully the external shots had the least variation so continuity could be monitored more easily. The main external shots finished with an icy cold wind but at least it was sunny, the next morning the ground was covered in snow……

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