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That’s a wrap! The Ditch completes filming.

On The Train and CrestFallen Productions present The Ditch

On The Train and CrestFallen Productions present The Ditch

Filming began in September 2012  and following a hugely successful indiegogo campaign was completed in May 2014. Staring Katie Pattinson and Lucy Wilkins The Ditch is an independent movie intended to explore human psychology in extreme situations. In this case; what would you do if you ran someone over on an isolated country road? 

For behind the scenes images and trailer check out the films website and blog!



On the Train productions and Crestfallen productions presents a film by Sheena Holliday. The Ditch.

Directed by Sheena Holliday and produced by Stephen Coltrane and Henry Coleman.

Staring Katie Pattinson and Lucy Wilkins

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Woodcut press and reviews

Woodcut by Gary Brashier, cast poster.

Woodcut by Gary Brashier, cast poster.

At the end of January Woodcut by Gary Brashier premiered at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield to great reviews. Lucy played the part of Helen, a PR consultant who was at a crossroads in her life. Below is the review from the Sheffield Telegraph:


Lantern Theatre

Money, sex and jealousy are three of the main causes of marriage fractures. In writer and director Gary Brashier’s debut play, these powerful forces are truly centre stage.

The troubled marriage of emotionally damaged, high flying media type Helen is further rocked when she moves to London with her man of the earth, tree-surgeon husband Julian.

When Helen invites her new boss, Myles, to dinner the inevitable emotional hand grenade goes off.

Deliciously played with great timing by Chris Scott, Myles is a manipulative and truly odious character who also turns the heart of Helen’s work colleague, cannily played by Canan Cahit as Julian. Tom Farthing’s moods and emotions are often terrifying as he alternates between rage and love.

Lucy Wilkins as Helen is excellent with some great heart-wrenching scenes, Woodcut is a very promising debut by Gary Brashier



Preview press coverage is available here:

Woodcut Sheffield Telegraph

Woodcut Sheffield Star


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Woodcut at the Lantern Theatre

Woodcut by Gary Brashier

Woodcut by Gary Brashier

29th January 2013 is opening night of “Woodcut” in which Lucy stars along side Tom Farthing, Chris Scott, Canan Cahit and Stephanie Collyer. “Woodcut” is a new play written and directed by Gary Brashier. It revolves around a crucial time in Helen’s life when the expectations of others and her own path to happiness collide forcing her to make life changing decisions.

The show runs for 4 nights at The Lantern Theatre in Sheffield and tickets can be bought via the following link:

“Synopsis: Helen and Julian have just moved to their new home in Hampstead, London which her mother has bought for them. Helen’s stressful PR job introduces her to Myles, a dashing new boss who Helen invites to dinner. What happens next will cause Helen to make life-changing choices and finally see the wood for the tree.

This play contains some explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature.

Cast: Stephanie Collyer,  Angela Lucy Wilkins, Helen Tom Farthing, Julian Chris Scott, Myles Canan Cahit, Suzie

Music: Original music score by Laurence Ritchie

Light & Sound: Adam Woodbridge

Written & directed by: Gary Brashier”

Taken from



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Best Actress Nomination!

One Shot Movie Award Ceremony Poster.

One Shot Movie Award Ceremony Poster.

At the end of July Lucy once more teamed up with Liam Rooke (Actor, ‘The Lonely One’) and David Priestman (Cameraman, ‘A Local Desperado’) to make a 10 minute short for the One Shot Movie competition. The challenge was to make a film that was no more than 10 minutes long and was made up of one continuous shot.

Lucy’s entry, Northern Lights, follows Abby as she arrives home after a long shift to find her boyfriend, Martin, acting a little strange. After persuading her to delay putting her feet up he proceeds to dress her in her finest winter gear despite it being the middle of July. Is he simply leading her up the garden path or does he have something more surprising in store?

After the submission of the film a tense wait followed for the announcement of the final top 10 films and nominations for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Screenplay. Entries flooded in from around the world and 4th October 2013 saw the announcement on Facebook, sadly Northern Lights was not in the top ten but…..both Liam and Lucy received nominations for their performances!

One Shot Movie Nominations

One Shot Movie Nominations


The winners will be announced on 24th October 2013 at the Hackney Picturehouse, tickets for the event can be purchased via the Hackney Picturehouse website:


Learn more about the competition here:

Learn more about Liam Rooke here:


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Learn more about Lucy the person!

A new page has been added covering a few of Lucy’s hobbies and interests outside of acting, so a great chance to learn more about who Lucy is as person not just about the characters she plays on stage and screen.

Covering, animals, crochet and zombies it is quite a varied page!

Walker Bait header

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New video added!

Footage from ‘The Lonely One’, a post-apocalyptic drama filmed earlier this year, has been released.

Directed by Jane Hattersley, The Lonely One follows Sam as he wakes from a comma to discover that the world ended whilst he was asleep. Desperate to know exactly what has happened he sets of to make his way to London and hopefully find other survivors on the way.

Also available on YouTube and the Video clips page here is an extract featuring Lucy Wilkins as ‘Helen’ a luckless survivor and old friend of Sams.



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Time to vote!

Last month Lucy teamed up with fellow actor Liam Rooke to enter the ‘The Age of Aquarius’ competition. The idea was to take one of the four excerpts supplied of AW Findlay’s book ‘The Age of Aquarius’ and create a five minute film. Given the nature of the excerpt they chose Liam took the lead and Lucy went to narration, however see if you can spot her partial cameo near the end!

All the entries are now available for viewing on YouTube – below is Lucy and Liam’s entry – but you will need to view it on YouTube to vote and see the competition.

The winner will be decided by public vote so please view, vote and share!

Voting ends 26th July.

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‘The Ditch’ looks for funding.

Last year Lucy found herself laying on a cold, damp country road in a pretty pink dress hoping that the set up wouldn’t take too long so she could get back to her warm cup of tea. This was the start of filming on ‘The Ditch’.

Set in the idyllic English countryside, ‘The Ditch’ exposes the savagery of an ordinary woman caught in extraordinary circumstances. Production began in September 2012 and is due to finish this coming September and the race is now on to find funds for the final push. The production companies, ‘On The Train Productions’ and ‘Crestfallen Productions’, have decided to launch a crowd-funding campaign to find supporters and for those who want to be part of it there are some great rewards up for grabs from shout outs to screenings to set visits!

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Collecting the Peoples Choice Award for A Local Desperado at the Horizon Film Festival.

Collecting the Peoples Choice Award for A Local Desperado at the Horizon Film Festival.


A Local Desperado was Lucy’s first venture into writing and production alongside acting. The film was inspired by true events in her family history, and was partly filmed in her home town of Barnsley. The other location was Hull, the hometown of the Director, Philip Codd. The film is set in 1855 and follows the adventures of the Dunk family as they make a dash for America following a bungled robbery at a stately home.

22nd June 2013 saw A Local Desperado debut at The Horizon Film Festival. It picked up its first award, The People’s Choice Award, which was voted for by attendees at the festival.


Collecting The Peoples Choice Award alongside Director Philip Codd and Costume designer Sarah Johnson

Collecting The Peoples Choice Award alongside Director Philip Codd and Costume designer Sarah Johnson


Links for further information:


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